Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First post after a long time =X

It is a long time ago that never update my blog. Haaaa..
What am i doing before?
Hmmm, nothing for me that can update my blog.
I have nothing much to share. Even though i wanna share, I lazy to type it out too. I'm so sorry :(
Also, i am sitting for SPM this year. I keep busying for study, revision, tuition and do exercise. I have no much time to spend for anything.
Before i keep thinking of that faster finish SPM because can hang out with friends for drink session, playing around without worry schoolwork or homework and organize some activities.
But right now, i have nothing to do ==
Free until don't know what can i do. We also cannot hang out too much. Know why? I'm still a student who never working before, earn money and etc. Haaaa... that is the main point for us.

Many of them are admire us that can enjoy a long holidays and complete education finally. Yeah, right! Do really enjoy, but we were boring till the max. Staying at home do not know what should we do. Watching movie? Facing the facebook? Sit in front of the computer? Oh no.. We will boring if keep it on.. sighed =(
My december will not a boring month because got many activities are coming up soon.
SPM ended, teacher sak's open house ended, teacher sak weddding ended, relative open house and wedding ended too. All activities almost end up but i am waiting the xmas party. HAHAHA!!!!

No worries.. i will cherish the time with all my lovely friends.. I love them so much <3
Okay, it should be stop here right now. I gotta do other activities =) stay tuned for my next post if i able to share. hehehee... Tata

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